Ideal-ID for Assured Identity

Ideal-ID LLC specializes in intelligence, identity, cyber security, and information technology (IT) services for the federal government to include the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, State Department, the Intelligence Community, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Military Health Systems.


Assured Identity combines biometrics with traditional background data and other information about a person to determine whether he or she is trustworthy.

Information about the trustability of individuals is key to every human interaction ranging from national activities like combatting terrorism to individual actions like opening a bank account or making a purchase. Assured Identity assists in analyzing global conflicts, or monitoring criminal activities.  It can also aid organizations in recruiting employees, accessing medical records, or conducting financial transactions. We focus on discovering relationships between people, places, organizations, and events. Combining biometrics with encounters, geolocation and contextual data enables establishing associations across all-source data with complete non-repudiation.

Identity Intelligence already plays a prominent role for government in law enforcement, border protection, cyber security, and in military operations. In addition to supporting all of these more traditional applications, we also see much broader applications for Identity Intelligence. Our approach incorporates national security techniques for assured identity across vertical markets where regulation and compliance are required such as finance, insurance, and healthcare.  We also see many commercial applications for assured identity that enable more convenience for consumers.

Assured identity links logical identities from the cyber world with the physical identities of the real world.

Assured identities are key to cyber security whether it be user authentication onto a network or attribution to individuals and organizations responsible for an attack.  Our data analytics combine human identity attributes from social media and the cyber domain with real world physical identities.  Through biometrics, geolocation, and recognizing patterns of attack our techniques remove the cloak of anonymity from cyber criminals. Our services augment classical cyber security defense with multi-factor authentication approaches and the use of biometric technologies for physical and logical system access. Network security also necessitates our innovative approaches to protecting personally identifiable information and sensitive personal information from data breach.

The interactions between the cyber world and the physical world continue to blur, where increasingly the actions in one domain have measurable effects on the other. The common thread from both sides of the divide is the ability of actors to hide under a cloak of anonymity and a spider web of alias’ to perpetrate activities. We focus on identifying and matching cyber identities to actual individuals to deny anonymity.

With assured identity our IT solutions protect and manage our Customer’s information.

Ideal-ID provides a wide variety of IT Services including PC, desktop, server, application, database administration and network support.  We provide modeling and simulation of networks, evaluation of system scalability, network throughput, and processing loads. We provide system administration and help desks with level 1 and level 2 support. We develop solutions on cloud infrastructure that are cloud agnostic allowing flexibility to migrate from one cloud to another without major system redesign.

We recognize that identity and security should be addressed throughout the entire lifecycle of an IT system. Identity and Access Management (IAM) concepts influence policies, processes, and procedures as systems are planned, designed, developed, delivered, and operated by an organization. Assured identity influences physical security, vetting of individuals who access a system, influence design decisions, and have implications in the broader Risk Management Framework to guarantee system security. As systems are increasingly hosted in private, government, and public cloud infrastructure, assured identities become even more critical.

We provide comprehensive engineering and operations, and maintenance services including system engineering, software engineering, and system development support.  We support concept definition, CONOPS development, gap analysis, technology evaluation, configuration management, quality assurance, and we author engineering documentation. We support industry standards such as ITSM/ITIL, RMF, and Agile system development. Our engineering services range from customer SETA support, development of strategic plans, the creation of architectures and research & development, to system design, coding, integration, test, evaluation, installation, pilots, and prototyping.

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We’ve changed our Company name!

In June of 2018 we changed our Company name from Intel-ID LLC to Ideal-ID LLC. It’s a long process and until all of the databases are updated (e.g. SAM, DUNS, SBA, VA CVE etc.) we’ll