SOCOM-wide mission support services subcontract Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation (T4NG) Subcontract Agile Delivery of VA Imminent Strategic and Operational Requirements (ADVISOR) Subcontract DIA Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (E-SITE)

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We’ve changed our Company name!

It’s a long process and until all of the databases are updated (e.g. SAM, DUNS, SBA, VA CVE etc.) we’ll need to keep referring to ourselves as Ideal-ID LLC (formerly Intel-ID LLC).  We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Here’s what happened:  in May 2018 I receive a letter from the Intel Corporation stating their concern with our Intel-ID name.  They claimed that customers may confuse our services with Intel Corporation’s products and services or its brand. We’ve had our Company name almost 2 years, all of our registrations are in our old name, and because we

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